Friday, October 5, 2012

Dave's Reply

Yes it certainly does ... Makes dying less scary.

Not your time yet. But when your time does come you will be in good company.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Note to Dave

Dave ... 

While I was in the hospital last week ... (had a full heart block) ... I had this experience ... I was sitting in my room ... in my bed ... things quietly changed all around me ... There were two distinct but conjoined realities occupying the space around me ... 

On the right side of me was a large number of throne like chairs ... it was very much like the seating arrangements in the Sistine Chapel for the Cardinals. 

These seats were set off on a tangent at about 45 degrees to me and disappeared in the distance ... 

All the seats were filled with people I knew.  Al was sitting there ... my father ... grandparents on others ... Rich M from high school??? lots of people I know ... or knew and all of them had one thing in common ... all were dead ... 

None were looking at me ... they were all looking off to their right or away from me ... they appeared not to be able to notice me ... 

On my left side were a large cluster of very tall beings ... very willowy figures ... all dressed in white ... white hair ... hair uniformly combed back ... all with elongated faces ... most of their faces did not stand out except for the one individual standing closest to me ... 

The one standing closest to me had a large book ... it glowed amber in colour ... it was open in his hands ... I could not see what was written on the pages ... the book was just a solid mass that was outlined in soft earth colours and the pages seemed to glow amber. 

I asked him, "Are you here for me?"

He did not speak out loud, but I could hear his reply in my head.

"No not yet."

Then everything reverted back to a Thursday afternoon in the sunshine of the day.

Best Neil